TNA National Conference Melbourne 2017

The 25th Annual National Conference in Adelaide 2016 concluded successfully. It was a wonderful success. We look forward to the next conference in Melbourne November 16 & 17 2017! Contacts for the conference:
Arinex Pty Ltd
Suite 16, 183 Tynte Street
North Adelaide, SA 5006
Phone: +61 8 8330 4400
Fax: : +61 2 8330 4499
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Astellas Practice Development Award 2017

The Astellas Practice Development Award has been developed to support members in the attendance/presentation at an International Conference relevant to their field of transplantation including a visit to an international transplant center. Guidelines for the Astellas Practice Development Award are as follows (click on link below): Application closing date: COB Friday 24th February 2017 Further…
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Introduction to Transplant Nursing- RPA March 29th & 30th

The RPA Transplant Unit with the support of Novartis are proud to be hosting the Introduction of Transplant Nursing study day at RPA on the 29th & 30th March. 29th March: Renal Transplantation 30th March: Liver Transplantation Webcasting will be available for those unable to attend. For full details on topics covered and how to…
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